Jazz Dance

Jazzercise is the original dance workout program and many of the movements you’ll find in class are influenced by basic jazz dance steps. These movements are the foundation of Jazzercise. Check out these jazz dance video clips for a step-by-step breakdown of popular Jazzercise movements. Master them and you’ll feel right at home in a Jazzercise class in no time!
Jazzercise Basic Movements - Jazz Square
Jazzercise Basic Movements - Jazz Stretch
Jazzercise Basic Movements – Kick Ball Change
Jazzercise Basic Movements - Plié
Jazzercise Cardio Dance Moves – Grapevine
Jazzercise Basic Movements - Chasse

Now that you have learned the fundamentals, you are ready to take your moves to the dance floor! Find a class near you using the Jazzercise Class Locator.

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